About the Teachers

Jennifer J Lee (USA) & Jeremy Otth (USA)

Jenn Lee is a renowned swing dance instructor with a passion for fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning environment. She emphasizes the importance of follow voice, ensuring equal attention to both leads and follows. Jenn acknowledges the Black cultural roots of swing dancing and encourages dancers to appreciate its rich history. As a professional follow without a dedicated partner, Jenn's versatile dance style adapts to various partners and teaching collaborations, enhancing her abilities as an instructor. Her strong music background allows her to seamlessly integrate rhythmic concepts and musicality into her classes, helping students express themselves on the dance floor. Jenn's love for social dancing and the swing community is evident in her warm approach and adaptable style, making her a valuable addition to any dance event she participates in.

Jeremy Otth amassed a great amount of knowledge on the historic essence of vintage swing dances from many of the original jitterbuggs and swing dancers. Along with his seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy, Jeremy’s natural talent and dedication led him to accumulate championship titles at many acclaimed dance competitions such as the International Lindy Hop Championships, National Jitterbug Championships, American Classic Balboa Championships and the US Open Swing Dance Championships. Jeremy is now able to share that breadth of knowledge and passion for these classic partner dances by entertaining and educating feet around the world from Southern California to Asia and Europe.

Olga Marina (RUS/SWE) & Andreas Olsson (SWE)

Olga Marina (from Russia, living in Sweden) was born into a family of teachers and since early years has been an energetic live wire – studying music, doing athletics, martial arts and gymnastics. In 2007 she was introduced to Lindy Hop and this is where the real passion story begins. She got dance hooked and started to explore more of the dance world by getting into Blues and Balboa. She has been actively travelling the globe in pursuit of more opportunities to dance, learn and compete. Later she began to share her love for swing music and dance by teaching. Now Olga is the international balboa instructor, teaching solo and couple Balboa all over the world.

Andreas Olsson (Sweden) was introduced to Lindy Hop in 2001 and a few years later to Balboa and other dances. In his early career, Andreas focused on performance and competition. He was part of the Swedish National Lindy Hop team and the Stockholm based performance troop Shout'n Feel it. His international teaching career started in the mid 2000´s. Since then, Andreas teaches Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Balboa, Saint Louis Shag, Collegiate Shag and other swing dances all around the world. He often competes and was awarded first place at events as Balboa division at National Jitterbug Championships (Camp Hollywood), Lindy and Balboa division at International Lindy Hop Championships, American Classic Balboa Championships (All Balboa Weekend), Rendezvous Championships (New York Balweek) and Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout. Andreas is also the reigning champion of the American Classic Balboa Championships at All Balboa Weekend together with Olga.

Isabelle Jaschke (GER) & Eran Tobi (ISR/GER)

After discovering Swing in 2007, Eran Tobi spent almost all of his time to travel, dance and spread the spirit of Lindy Hop, Balboa & co. in Israel. He is one of the co-founder of Holy Lindy Land - one of the most successful swing dance schools of our time. His passion for the dance and teaching it lead him in 2013 to Berlin, from where he could expend his love for the dance onto the world. Eran has won multiple competitions in Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues at different events, e.g. at the International Lindy Hop Championships, Lindy On The Rocks, Berlin Blues Explosion, Camp Hollywood and the European Swing Dance Championships.

Isabelle Jaschke got hooked on Swing dance from the first time seeing it and when she had to move to a new city, she decided where to go depending on the supply of Swing dance classes where she could learn the dance. It didn't take long and she took the dance floors in Freiburg on storm. She never missed an opportunity to soak as much as possible on local and international dance knowledge or to try something new. The dance school became her second home and Isabelle was on all Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues dance floors in Freiburg and around. 

Eran and Isabelle believe that the quality of movement is a very important component of couple dancing. They teach complex movements by means of examples from everyday life and with a lot of humor, so that everybody can apply them easily. You will notice that behind Eran's soft smile and Isabelle's sometimes strict look, there is a preserving couple, which won't give up until everybody understands the move.