INTERNATIONAL SPECIAL: Dortmund Shag & Balboa College 2019

June 14th-16th, 2019

You never thought you would love school? Let us prove you that it’s possible ;)
We’re not talking about ordinary school, though, but about the craziest, funniest and sweatiest opportunity to learn Shag AND / OR  Balboa at Dortmund Shag & Balboa College 2019!
This year, LindyPott will offer you a unique chance to combine both dance styles and make you want to be the eager beaver at school! Let’s get geeky and graduate together!

What you'll get at Dortmund Shag & Balboa College 2019:

Collegiate Shag AND Balboa classes with these wonderful talents:

* Friday Specials and Weekender Shag AND / OR  Balboa Workshops with different combination options !

* Two crazy parties with all the Swing cats from the Ruhr area !

* An awesome live band at the DS&BC Saturday Night Party!